Serhiy Kolyada Forbidden Underground Art

This is what English newspaper Kyiv Post (located in Ukraine) wrote about Serhi:

“Serhiy Kolyada got in hot water with Kyiv’s art establishment with his ballpoint-on-construction paper productions, portraying Kyiv as a melancholy zone of shadows. With nude or semi-nude women depicted against shadowy backgrounds of corporate slogans. It’s art as social commentary: gutsy reflections on money, power and gender issues in Ukraine.”

This is what Serhiy told me: “After the democratic Orange revolution in 2004 the Ukrainian people got some freedom in our country. At that time I found some other artists who depicted the true life in Ukraine and we managed to organize some exhibitions and took part in different art fairs. Now the situation is changed and we have the censorship again.”

Serhiy Kolyada

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